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Last Updated August 2, 2021



Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club



Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club



Until 2007, this was the end of our packet network. The VHF drop offers coverage into the greater Kamloops area.

Antenna altitude above sea level is 1794m or 5885 feet.

forest fire

The photograph above was taken by the Ministry of Forests and provided to TPARC by Rick Clevette, Manager of Fire Management. On behalf of TPARC, we thank Rick for this photograph.

In the summer of 1998, a large forest fire in the area threatened this site. Due to the great effort of our Fire Management Team, this site survived. As you can see the fire was not more that 500 meters away. Amateur Radio Operators in the Salmon Arm, Kamloops and Vancouver regions were not only on standby, but in many cases on active duty during the emergency.

Even today, as you head south on the Coquihalla Highway out of Kamloops, you can see the aftermath of how the fire took its toll on the hillside below the site.

Fortunately, telephone communications were never lost. However, amateur radio did assist in the management of the fire situation. Digital communications such as the network designed and maintained by TPARC will play a large role in the next emergency. If not for the co-operation of TELUS and those on the TPARC Packet Committee, this network would never happen.

With our network expansion in 2007, this site now connects to the Vernon area via a site on Silverstar Mountain.

A picture of the site, the Scala antenna that faces Promontory for the West Trunk is on this face of the tower:


A closer picture, where you can see the SRL310C single bay folded dipole that is used for the East Trunk to Silverstar. You can also see the SRL210C2 two bay folded dipole that is used for the VHF drop:


Equipment is mounted in a standard configuration in one of the equipment racks:

equipment again

In order to keep the site on the air at all times, all the equipment is run off the 48VDC battery plant using -48V/+12V DC-DC converters:

dc-dc converters

Here's a return loss sweep of the VHF drop antenna:

210C2 sweep

And a return loss sweep of the UHF antenna for the East Trunk:

310C sweep