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Last Updated August 2, 2021



Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club


Services Discontinued

This site was added to the TPARC network in the summer of 2007. Construction took place in August, and it was brought on-line in September with the trunk back to Greenstone (Kamloops).

VHF drop service has great coverage of the North Okanagan, and can be worked quite easily from Kelowna.

This site is located at the very top of Silverstar Mountain, at an elevation of about 1900m.

All of the equipment is installed in a nice, compact, layout in the bottom of one of the equipment bays:

The equipment runs off two -24VDC/+12VDC DC-DC converters which are supplied from the DC plant on site for continuous operation.

There was a VHF Drop here, and a trunk back to Greenstone (Kamloops). The VHF drop used a Diamond X-50A Dual Band base station antenna that is mounted on very top of the tower:

This antenna was fed with Andrew LDF4-50A coax.

The trunk used the standard Scala antenna mounted further down the tower:

This antenna was also fed with Andrew LDF4-50A coax.